→ An immersive experience by Thinkwell situated in a historic hydroelectric power plant in Niagara Falls
The Project:
Currents: Niagara’s Power Transformed is an immersive experience situated in the heart of a century-old hydroelectric power plant. Currents brings the guests on a spectacular journey flowing the transformation of water to electricity. Thinkwell Studio Montréal designed and produced the all-new immersive experience at Niagara Parks Power Station, working in close collaboration with the Niagara Parks Commission.
My Role:
I joined the Thinkwell team as the lead animator to create over 25 minutes of projection-mapped animation. I developed a unique hand-crafted visual style to match the tone of the story and optimized the legibility on the highly irregular projection surface. I worked closely with the interactive team at Thinkwell as well as lighting designer Atomic3 and music composer David Drury to create a seamless and engaging experience for the viewers. 
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