→ An immersive film about René Derouin directed by Patrick Bossé.
The Project:
As an art and experimental film, Territoires des Amériques is an immersive artistic experience that delves into the heart of Derouin’s work.
My Role:
I worked with director Patrick Bossé to create over 40 minutes of 360 FullDome animations. I had to recompose Derouin's imagery for the immersive space while preserving the artwork's integrity. 
Writing and Direction: Patrick Bossé
Production: Pascal Pelletier
Original idea: René Derouin, Pascal Pelletier et Michel D.T. Lam
Animation: Sindre Ulvik Péladeau
Director of Photography: Antonio Pierre de Almeida
Editing: Myriam Magassouba
Artistic Direction: Martin Bernier
Music : Frannie Holder
Sound Recording : Dominique Chartrand
Sound design and mixing: Vincent Cardinal
Technical direction: Pierre-Luc Paré
With the participation of Figure 55 Productions

Film Festival Selections & Awards:
Award - Best Fulldome Feature Film
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