→ A moving tableau for Hyatt Montreal by NOMAD Industries.
The Project:
The Hyatt Montréal Cityscape is a great collective moving tableau for Hyatt Montreal's Hywall, a very wide screen in the art bar of the hotel, le SIX.
There are 4 original 15 min loops, one for each season. The perspective emulates that of the screen if it were a window looking out at the Montreal cityscape from the Hyatt art bar.
My Role:
I assembled and animated the different elements to create a cohesive and exciting cityscape reflecting the vibrancy of Montreal. 
Concept/Director/Producer: Jason Rodi
Production Coordinator: Victorine Yokthot Sentilhes
Choreography: Milan Gervais
Casting: Human Playground
Performers: Louliko Shibao, Élise Bergeron, Alejandro de Leon, Andrew Turner, Jean-François Légaré, Nicolas labelle, Jérémie Fiset, David Albert-Toth.
Prop Master: Sylvain Lavoie
Lighting: Sharif Mirshak
Photography/Art Direction/Sound: Christian Pomerleau
Animation: Sindre Ulvik Péladeau
Production: NOMAD Industries
Agency: Bob
Client: Hyatt
Music for this demo by Animal Collective
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